History Edit

Some attributes
Species Animatronic Guest
Name Guesty
Starting Place Stage(NPAH) Parts and Services(Newbie's Pizzeria 1988)
Other attributes
Guesty is one of the three main animatronics in the Newbie's Pizzeria series. His instrument is the guitar.

Appearance Edit

Guesty's first appearance from Newbie's Pizzeria(After/Open Hours) is reminiscent of a classic ROBLOX guest from around 2010-11(or earlier), and has a large R on his torso. In Newbie's Pizzeria(1988) his appearance is severely altered. His appearance seems to be based off of a guest from 2012, but he has no ROBLOX sign, much like Toy Guesty, and is missing his right arm and left leg covers. His eyelids are also completely removed, and the top part of his head is lifted up to the point that he can't close his mouth. His cover material is also cracked and matted from withering. He also notably has red/reddish brown eyes. In Newbie's Pizzeria(1988), he only has black eyes with dots.

Newbie's Pizzeria(After/Open Hours) Edit

Guesty's behavior is identical to Noob. He sneaks through the hall shadows and tries to attack by running into the Office. He can only be deterred by the Newbie head. If one fails to don the Newbie head within 3(3...2...1...0...)seconds, Guesty will kill them. Guesty's pattern is: Stage, Prize Counter, Hall entrance. From there on out, he is likely hiding in the shadows for a temporary amount of time, or in the hallway.

Newbie's Pizzeria (1988) Edit

Guesty begins in the parts and service room, he will remain there longer than any other old animatronic. The only way to keep him there is checking the service room when the coast is clear from time to time. If he escapes the room, he will sprint down the west hallway and end the night. But the door can be closed to stop him but he is a silent sprinter.

Gallery Edit

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