History Edit

Some attributes
Species Animtronic ROBLOXian
Name Newbie
Starting Place Stage(NPAH) Parts and Services(Newbie's Pizzeria 1988)
Other attributes

Newbie is the main animatronic at the Newbie's Pizzeria franchises. He succeeds the original animatronic/springsuit, Spring Newb, who is mentioned in Newbie's House of Horror. He makes his first appearance in Newbie's Pizzeria(After Hours).

Appearance Edit

Newbie's overall appearance differs throughout the series. However, he generally has a red torso, tan or light colored arms, blue legs, and a baseball cap. In Newbie's Pizzeria(After Hours/Open Hours), Newbie has a light red torso with an R, light arms, light blue legs, and a yellow and blue baseball cap. His eyes are normally blue, but at night they are black with white dots. In Newbie's Pizzeria(1988), Newbie is withered and damaged. His overall colors are the same, but the material making up his cover is now severely matted and cracked. He also sports a different baseball cap, a brown and red one with an R on it. His arm cover is also missing along with his left eye.

Newbie's Pizzeria(After/Open Hours) Edit

Newbie is the main antagonist, and only comes out on Night 3. On night 3 he works alone and hides in the shadows, lurking around and trying to stay behind the searching Night Guard. On night 4 and onward, he works with Guesty and Noob. If the Night guard finds him and shines him for too long, he can attack and kill them. The night guard must be careful and find Newbie, apon finding him, they must slip on their Newbie head to cause him to return to the stage. If the night guard fails to do this he will strike from behind or wait for them to return to the office. His patterns are usually anywhere where shadow collects the most, so the night guard must watch his back when dealing with Newbie.

Newbie's Pizzeria(1988) Edit

Newbie is replaced by Toy Newbie, and stored in the parts and service room, along with Guesty and Noob(who are replaced by their Toy counterparts.) Newbie's pattern starts in the parts and services room, he then goes into the shadows of the entertainment area, and then to then east hall. He can be stopped by simply closing the doors. Newbie along with the other old animatronics start on night 2.

Gallery Edit

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