Newbie's Pizzeria is the main setting of most of the Newbie's Pizzeria games. It is owned by Newbie Entertainment, a company with an eerie background.

Restaurant History Edit

The restaurant succeeds Newb's Family Diner, a restaurant that closed sometime during early 1988. Newbie's Pizzeria was first opened in 1988 by the newly founded company, Newbie Entertainment. Not too long after it was opened, many incidents began to occur. Sometime between night 1 and 2 of Newbie's Pizzeria(1988), 4-5 children(according to Phone Guy)may have went missing. The animatronics also began to act completely haywire at this point for yet unknown reasons. Sometime either before or after these events, another incident occured called the, "Bite of 88", in which some one's hand was bitten off. All of these events lead to the restaurant having to be closed and re-opened years later.

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