History Edit

Some attributes
Species Animatronic Noob
Name Noob
Starting Place Stage(NPAH) Parts and Services(Newbie's Pizzeria 1988)
Other attributes

Noob is one of the three main animatronics in the Newbie's Pizzeria series. His instrument is the drums. He possibly succeeds SpringNoob/Crush, an original mascot at Newb's Family Diner.

Appearance Edit

Noob has the appearance of a stereotypical ROBLOX noob, with a yellow head and arms, blue torso, and green legs. His eyes are green during the day, but are black with white dots during the night. In Newbie's Pizzeria(1988), out of all 3 of the main original animatronics, his appearance remains nearly the same. The only large difference being the top of his head is missing, revealing part of his endoskeleton head. His eyes are also always black with red dots.

Newbie's Pizzeria(After/Open Hours) Edit

Noob's behavior is identical to Guesty. He sneaks through the hall shadows and tries to attack by running into the Office. He can only be deterred by the Newbie head. If one fails to don the Newbie head within 3(3...2...1...0...)seconds, Noob will kill them. Noob's pattern is: Stage, Arcade area, Hall entrance. From there on out, he is likely hiding in the shadows for a temporary amount of time, or in the hallway.

Newbie's Pizzeria(1988) Edit

Noob's behavior is similar to Newbie. He starts in the parts and services and will travel through the entertainment area, and into the east hall. He can be stopped by closing the door, but taking to long to close the door(4 seconds), he can jam it, and slip into the office.

Gallery Edit

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